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Organic Decaf
Organic Chemical-Free Decaf Coffee  | Exhale Healthy Coffee
Organic Decaf
Organic Decaf
Organic Decaf
Organic Decaf
Organic Decaf

Organic Decaf

Our organic decaf coffee is water processed, chemical-free, mycotoxin-free and pesticide-free! 

Organic | Healthy | Single Origin | Speciality Grade | Fully Traceable
  • Organic certified and independently tested to be mycotoxin and pesticide free.
  • Taste: Smooth and well balanced with a salted caramel sweetness. Hints of cashew with a red grape and apple aftertaste.
  • Decaffeinated using the all-natural Mountain Water Process and absolutely no harmful chemicals. 
  • This uses the purest glacial water from the highest mountain in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba. 
  • The green beans are immersed in water to selectively extract the caffeine and leave coffee's healthiest compounds in place. 
  • Decaffeination is done near the farm where the coffee is grown in Mexico. Drastically reducing it's carbon footprint vs the Swiss Water Process which is done in Europe.

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  • One bag = 225g so around 14 cups. So 1 bag a week gives you 2 cups a day.

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What makes it unique?

❤️ The first coffee In the UK to be sourced and roasted to support your health and performance.

❤️ 1 Cup = 12 punnets of blueberries or 55 oranges in antioxidants!

❤️ Dr Rupy, NHS medical doctor, oversees our process involving 9 independent lab tests.

❤️ We don't add anything to our coffee, our unique process locks in more of coffee's naturally healthy plant compounds and keeps out the bad.

❤️ Mycotoxin and pesticide free; Soil Association organic coffee.

About our Decaf

  • Grade

    Speciality Grade, Single Origin:
    84/100 on the SCA scale

  • Producer

    Ek Balam, Jaltenango

  • Producer & Region

    Ek Balam, Jaltenango. Chiapas, Mexico

  • Region

    Chiapas, Mexico

  • Tasting Notes

    Smooth and well balanced with a salted caramel sweetness. Hints of cashew with a red grape and apple aftertaste.

  • One bag =

    Around 14 cups.
    So 1 bag a week gives you
    2 cups a day.

  • Don't have a grinder?

    Choose fine for espresso and medium for everything else. Simple. Going too coarse starts to lose the health benefits.

  • Antioxidant superpower
  • Optimised for polyphenols
  • Naturally rich in vitamin B3
  • Organic certified & free from mycotoxins & pesticides
  • Proven by science

“The go-to super-coffee for a performance boost”

"Take your coffee with a side of health benefits by switching to Exhale"

"An easy swap to make if you're looking for a January health kick

"It's bright and invigorating, which is more than you can say for kale."

“Taste 5/5. I shared this with a fussy coffee snob who gave the thumbs up”

FAQs - health & performance

  • How can coffee be healthy?

    Coffee comes from a fruit and like any other fruit is packed full of naturally healthy compounds. The most beneficial being polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid.

    Through over roasting and poor handling these compounds are often significantly reduced in other coffees. Studies show up to a 31-fold difference between some cups of coffee!

    During our unique process we sourced a bean naturally high in the healthiest compounds and roasted in a way that locks in as much of them as possible.

    We also keep out the bad and our organic coffee also independently tested to be free from moulds, mycotoxins, pesticides and other nasties.

  • Do you add anything to Exhale coffee to make it healthy?

    No we don't, because we don't need to!

    A good quality coffee that's been treated right is as healthy as any other 'superfood' on the planet.

    There's a modern trend towards taking poor quality ingredients (such as instant coffee) and adding whatever the latest fad, on-trend superfood is to make it 'healthy' again.

    We instead took the care to (obsessively) look after every stage from farm to cup and work with the wonderful things naturally in our coffee already.

    It definitely wasn't the easiest option, but it's the best one for you and the planet and that's what matters to us. 😁

  • Can’t I get health benefits from all coffees?

    Yes you can, but multiple studies show the quantity of the healthiest compounds vary immensely from coffee to coffee.

    In 2014 one study tested 104 espressos from cafes in Scotland, Italy and Spain and found a 31 fold difference between the highest and lowest concentrations of coffee's healthiest compounds, polyphenols!

  • Can’t I get antioxidants from other food in my diet?

    Yes you can, but coffee is by far the biggest dietary source of them (taking serving size into account, i.e. you’re unlikely to eat 0.5kg of Tumeric with your breakfast).

    In fact a 2004 Norwegian study showed that 66% of participants TOTAL DIETARY INTAKE of antioxidants came from coffee! This has since been confirmed in 6 other studies from across the globe.

  • Coffee makes me anxious or jittery, will Exhale coffee be any better?

    It should... One study shows that polyphenols counteract the negative effects of caffeine, reducing anxiousness. So a high polyphenol coffee like Exhale should reduce the jittery effects from caffeine.

    A lot of our customer have reported this (just search for jitters or anxious in our Trust Pilot reviews).

    However, everyone is unique so it’s impossible to say for certain how you will react. And if you're really worried then we also do a cracking decaf.

    I’d love to know how you get on so please drop me an email on if you do try it. 

  • Will Exhale coffee make me perform better?

    Yes. It's true.

    Caffeine is one of the few scientifically proven 'ergogenic aids to performance'. Meaning it will help you preform better, on average 11-12% better according to 2x meta-analyses!

    However, unlike other coffees, Exhale coffee is also high in polyphenols which studies have shown can improve both sprint and endurance performance.

    So in Exhale coffee the caffeine and polyphenols work synergistically to give you a double performance boost! Win win!!

  • Is Exhale coffee mould and mycotoxin free?

    It is indeed. We test every shipment of our coffee at an independent lab for pesticides, mould, yeasts, mycotoxins and heavy metals to verify the coffees absolute purity.

    It is then stored in GrainPro ultra-hermetic sealed bags in a temperature controlled environment.

    Most supermarket bought coffees were roasted and ground months before you buy them leaving them likely to stale and open to contamination. All our coffee is roasted fresh weekly to make sure you’re drinking the freshest, cleanest possible brew.

FAQs - sustainability

  • Is Exhale coffee as healthy for the planet as it is for people?

    We try our best to make sure it is.

    Health, taste AND sustainability were genuinely equally prioritised at every stage of our process.

    So technically there could be a healthier coffee out there (shhh!) but perhaps it didn't pay a fair price to the farmer, or was grown with chemical pesticides.

  • Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

    It's as good as currently exists... all our coffee is delivered in compostable, plastic free packaging, and all the paper we use is from FSC Certified renewable sources.

    We're always looking for more environmentally friendly ways to package our coffee so please let us know if you have any suggestions!

  • What other measures do you take to protect the environment?

    We only buy from organic farms because coffee is the 3rd most sprayed crop in the world with pesticides and our ecosystem is polluted with far too many of them already.

    We donate 2% of our revenue to charities which restore the natural environment (1% through 1% For The Planet).

    Out team are an Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce and we all cycle or run to work!

  • You're B Corp, what does that mean?

    B Corps are a new wave of company that use business as a force for good.

    It means we're legally obliged to equally prioritise our impact on people and the planet alongside profits.

Grounded in good

2% of your purchase will be donated to charities supporting the restoration or protection of the natural environment

Learn more
Exhale Healthy Coffee Sustainability
Exhale Healthy Organic Coffee Sustainability
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