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What we learnt about running up mountains during a 900m altitude Box Hill run with one of the most daring ultra-runners.
What we learned from a central London shakeout run with one of the UK’s most iconic ultramarathoners. 
We're hiring, this is big news...
Running is no longer a sport just for elite athletes. Run crews and communities are clocking up miles all over the world every day. No two are the same. But they all have one thing in common; a desire to help, connect and encourage people to reach their potential.
"In fact research has concluded that “coffee and caffeine consumption were significantly associated with decreased risk of..."
"So it is clear that caffeine provides a significant benefit on muscle strength and power. Most of the literature seems to indicate that ..."
Hi, I'm Alex, the founder of exhale. This is a little bio of why I did it and my epic 5 year journey in health and fitness to get here.

Imagine a coffee that is delicious, leads the way in sustainability and supply chain responsibility, and whose beans have been selected and roasted to be actually REALLY GOOD FOR YOU..?!

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