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Our Process

We’re leading a revolution in healthy coffee by sourcing and roasting our beans, driven by health, sustainability and taste. These 3 pillars are interwoven through every stage of our process.

our unique 7-stage process:

1 setting the bar

Lab Tests - Round 1

We tested the top ten roast & ground coffees in 2019 for total polyphenols at independent labs to set the bar for what we have to beat.

2 sourcing

Speciality Coffee

We choose only the highest quality, speciality grade coffee scoring over 80/100 by the SCA - Speciality Coffee Association. They're scored on taste so this sets a minimum acceptable standard of taste.

Ethically Sourced

Only coffees fully traceable to individual farms and even to their farmers were considered. To be imported via only the most sustainable importers who work in collaboration with the farmers.

Organically Farmed

We source only from farms using organic farming practices. While we're not currently organic certified ourselves we're working towards it. In the meantime rest assured, your coffee is organic even if it doesn't say it on the packaging.

Chemical-free decaf

Most decaffeination processes use chemicals. This not only leaves those chemicals in the beans, but it leeches out healthy compounds. We source only beans processed chemical-free.

3 selection

Taste Test

The whole of the team got together and taste-tested all available coffees that met our criteria from 7 different chosen importers. We chose our 10 favourites to pass on for lab testing.

Lab Tests - Round 2

Our favourite tasting coffees were then sent off to be tested for polyphenols. We chose the winning coffee to pass on to the next round as the coffee with the highest inherent potential.

4 purchasing

Fair Price

We have committed to always pay above fair trade price for our coffee. In the case of our current coffees 5-10x above!


We choose coffee that is stored in Grain Pro bags. These keep coffee fresh but importantly reduce the chance of any contaminants.

5 profiling

Medium Roasted

We roasted our coffees multiple different ways but never more than a medium roast to optimise for Chlorogenic Acid which drops rapidly as you go darker.

Taste Test

We cupped each roast with a qualified Q-Grader (coffee's highest qualification), selecting only our favourite roast profiles of each coffee to be sent off for more testing.

Lab Tests - round 3

We sent the best tasting roast profiles to be lab tested for polyphenols to find the healthiest roast profile of the healthiest coffee. We also test for Chlorogenic Acid to verify levels. 

6 verification

Lab Tests - Antioxidants

Just because something is high in compounds with known antioxidant properties, it doesn't mean they're actually active… we tested a brewed cup of our coffee compared to a range of fresh fruits and veggies to verify it's actual antioxidant power. 

Taste Test

A final round of taste testing to dial in the recommended brew methods and ensure the chosen roast profile holds up in everything from cafetieres to aeropress, both without and with milk!

Lab Tests - The Bad Stuff

We tested our coffee beans to confirm they are free from mycotoxins, pesticides, toxins & heavy metals. Our coffee had to be as clean and pure as it is delicious. 

Lab Tests - Vitamins

We tested our brewed coffee for Niacin to prove the highest quality, freshest coffees can also provide essential vitamins worthy of any fruit or vegetable.

7 posting


We searched tirelessly to find Plastic Free certified packaging, from FSC certified renewable forests, all of which is 100% recyclable AND compostable. Pioneering refill and re-use initiatives to minimise waste. (due to be launched Dec so bear with us!)

Fresh for Potency

Coffee stales quickly, and when it does, it starts to lose it's health benefits. Our coffee is roasted fresh to order and posted the very next day maximising the quantity and activity of antioxidants that end up in your cup.

Fresh for Taste

All our coffee is roasted to order and posted the next day so all it's wonderful flavour is maintained. Coffee tastes it's best for only 4-6 weeks after roasting so that's when we want you to drink it!

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