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We're committed to having a positive impact on our planet

Achieving B-Corp certification

We're a certified B-Corp!

This means we've had it written into our legals
that we have to put equal priority on our impact on society and the environment
alongside our profits. It’s a rigorous process and we’re very proud to have
made it!

Carbon Zero

Unfortunately, coffee doesn’t grow well in the UK. It prefers the tropics
and sub-tropics of Central and South America, Africa, The Middle East and Southeast Asia. We can’t avoid it, there will always be a cost to the environment for transporting our humble bean.

Next step for us will be to do a full carbon footprint evaluation to find
any areas we can reduce our footprint and where possible offset our consumption through proven methods.

Eventually we’d love to use the full force of mother nature to sail our
coffee across the Atlantic, but we’re not quite there yet.

Soil Association Organic Certified

We only source from organic certified farms or those using organic principles. Organic principles include avoiding the use of chemicals, which as well as being better for the environment is also a good thing for the quality and health benefits of our coffee.

Organic certification offers reassurance that a farm isn’t using harmful chemicals on their coffee crops, but we go one step further and also test the beans at independent labs to make sure they’re free from pesticides or any other nasties.

Traceable & Transparent

Knowing our supply chain is an essential part of ensuring the people within it are experiencing decent working conditions and fair pay. We only buy coffee fully traceable back to the farm.

We support transparency in the economics of coffee production. And we’re looking at how we can go further to contribute to a system based on the actual payments made to coffee producers.


We source coffees that elevate and sustain the people who supply them, so we buy coffee that’s Fairtrade. This means we can be confident the people in
our supply chain are receiving a fair price and experience decent working

Sustainable Coffee Futures

We’re committed to contributing what we can to finding solutions that enable a thriving future for the coffee industry – one that genuinely supports the wellbeing of people and the planet. That’s why we have chosen to support World Coffee Research – a non-profit collaborative research and development program that aims to grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.

Plastic free packaging from renewable sources

We are tackling the scourge of single-use plastic by ensuring all our packaging is plastic-free and from renewable sources. We use a industrially compostable pouch made from kraft paper and polylactic acid (PLA) – a plant-based renewable material – posted in a mailer made from 100% recycled and recyclable FSC certified paper. FSC certified paper comes from well-managed, renewable forests that preserve biodiversity and benefit the lives of local people.

Giving Back

We are proud members
of 1% for the Planet.

As members we represent a global network of businesses and individuals committed to giving at least 1% of all annual sales to tackling some of the most pressing environmental issues.

Contributing 1% of our sales to charitable causes may seem like a simple task. You take money and transfer it to people doing amazing things for planet. Simple as it may seem, once you start looking, there are so many inspirational charities that you get completely struck with indecision. We can’t support them all and £1 to 1,000 charities is not going to have much impact. £1000 to one charity can be very useful.

Eventually you have to follow your heart and stick with your decision.

We have done just that!

As we’re a team of passionate runners, hikers and adventurers. We’ve partnered with Trash Free Trails with hopes of cleaning up our beautiful landscape and inspiring others to connect with nature.

As Exhale develops, we hope to support far more charities along the way. We’ll be asking for your vote who to support next.

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