Exhale x BruTrekker™ Coffee Flask - 1.9L - Black

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Introducing the Exhale x BruTrekker™ double-walled flask with our signature illustration 

We love this flask! Alex and Kirsty have been using it for months to bring hot coffee for everyone to enjoy at their sea swimming club, while Kaspar has bean dragging these flasks up and down the country serving filter coffee at outdoor events. 

Made to last, easy to clean and keeps your coffee hot for hours! 

We love it because it's:

  1. BIG - Great for group outings or long days on the trails, beach or in the office 
  2. Easy to carry - With a dual lid system. The primary lid has an easy grip handle that screws into the secondary lid or directly into the vessel body. The secondary lid has a pour spout designed for easy sipping or pouring. Use both lids, or skip the secondary lid and screw the primary lid directly into the vessel body.
  3. Design and durability - The body is made from galvanised, restaurant-grade steel. It's dishwasher-safe and is truly built to last.
  4. Ideal for coffee - will keep what’s hot, hot and what’s cold, cold. For hours! So weather it's hot coffee on a cold winters day or iced coffee on a hot summers day, this flask will forever be your trusted companion. 

Product information

  • Brand: Planetary Design
  • Body material: 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Lid material: PBA-free silicone
  • Colour: Black with exhale logo 

Capacity: 64oz - 1.9L 

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