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9 best gifts for coffee lovers! Plus 1 bonus gift...

9 best gifts for coffee lovers! Plus 1 bonus gift...

Discover our top 9 gifts for that special coffee lover in your life ❤️☕

Ahhh gifts. The concept is incredible. You give someone something. It makes them happy. They give you something. It makes you happy. Awesome.

If only it wasn't so bloody difficult to choose those gifts!

Fear not, help is here.

83% of adults drink coffee so you're almost guaranteed they share your love of the good stuff. But what type of coffee lover are they?

Are they a Bear Grylls wannabe who brews up on a mountain? Or do they use coffee to fuel their park runs? Or perhaps a connoisseur who needs the newest contraption?

Don't worry, we've got your back with our ultimate guide to gifting a coffee lover!


1) AeroPress with metal filter

Exhale Gift Guide - AeroPress

The AeroPress is a revolutionary new way to make perfect coffee in just 1 minute! And it's super simple to use.

It's a favourite for us becasue you can make perfect coffee at home or away - it's virtually indestrictible so you can chuck it in your backpack or suitcase. 

Bundle it with a steel filter so it's better for you and better for the planet! Read why in our blog "It's time to ditch the paper filters".

➡️ Shop the AeroPress ⬅️


2) Timemore hand grinder

Exhale Timemore French Press

Is it a hand grinder or is it a modern work of art? Let’s go for both. This sleek, gunmetal grey grinder comes with 36 grind settings for an optimal grind, however you brew.

Instead of blades (which can tear your beans to shreds) it uses conical burrs for a more consistent grind size; helping you extract even more of those healthy coffee compounds!

We love it because it's the fastest hand grinder we've ever used! It takes just 20-30 seconds. You haven't tasted coffee until you've tried it freshly ground.

➡️ Shop the Timemore ⬅️


3) Exhale x Airscape Coffee Storage Container - White - With Patented Plunger

Exhale Airscape White

Keeping you drinking the healthiest possible coffee is our top priority, so we tested every container on the market (literally) and found these to be the best at keeping your coffee fresher for longer.

We then put these through rigorous lab testing and found that coffee left in its pouch for 6 weeks lost 12% of its healthy polyphenols, but coffee left in an Airscape lost just 2%! 

Meaning this is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to up their coffee game and keep it fresher, healthier and tastier for longer. Waaaaay longer.

➡️ Shop the Exhale Airscape White ⬅️


4) Exhale x Ocean Bottle Brew - A Thermo Coffee Cup With A Purpose

Exhale Ocean Bottle Brew

We're super proud to introduce our Exhale x Counting Coral x Ocean Bottle collab.

This is Ocean Bottle's first ever coffee cup - BREW. It's part recycled stainless steel; part ocean-bound recycled plastic. And looks lush!

Each cup bought funds the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles or 11.4kgs of plastic. As well as creating jobs for local collectors in coastal communities around the globe.


We donate 100% of profits to Counting Coral for coral reef restoration.

So much ocean impact in one small flask. The perfect Christmas gift for that nature lover in your life!

➡️ Shop Exhale x Ocean Bottle Thermo Coffee Cups ⬅️


5) Zero Waste steel reusable dripper

Exhale Gift Guide - Zero Waste Dripper

The crew at Zero Waste Club have created a reusable steel coffee filter that not only makes a deliciously smooth brew, but is better for the environment too.

For us, using a steel filter over paper is key as it lets in more of those healthy coffee compounds. And it’s a total win-win for the planet too, as it means no more wasting paper filters.

They're super easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

➡️ Shop the Steel Dripper ⬅️


6) AeroPress GO and metal filter

Exhale Gift Guide - AeroPress GO

Much like its big brother above, this is the ultimate in on-the-go coffee makers. Although the ‘GO’ variety is more in tune for the hikers, campers and general adventurers amongst us, as it comes with its own cup and is a little bit smaller.

So, wherever they are, they're just a minute away from a fresh, healthy brew!

This can also be bought with a steel filter so it's better for you and better for the planet! Read why in our blog "It's time to ditch the paper filters".

 ➡️ Shop the AeroPress Go ⬅️


7) Timemore French Press (cafetiere)

Exhale Timemore Cafetiere

After falling in love with the Timemore Grinder we decided to add their cafetiere (French Press) to our list and we weren't disappointed!

Cafetieres are super easy to use, and have a special place in our hearts as we did our antioxidant lab tests on coffee brewed in a cafetiere.

***1 cup of Exhale Healthy Coffee brewed in a cafetiere tested to have the same antioxidants as 12 punnets of blueberries!***

Plus, they have a steel filter built right in to let all those healthy compounds through.

➡️ Shop the Exhale x Timemore Cafetiere ⬅️


8) Wilfa Svart coffee grinder

Exhale Gift Guide - Wilfa Grinder

Really, really want to impress that coffee lover in your life? This’ll do it.

Considered one of the best home grinders on the market, the Wilfa Svart uses conical burrs which gently grind your coffee beans, meaning a more even extraction of flavour AND healthy compounds.

It was designed in collaboration with World Barista Champion Tim Wendleboe, so you know the creds are legit.

We love it because it looks so slick it will suit any kitchen it lives in.

➡️ Shop the Wilfa Grinder ⬅️


9) Exhale x Airscape Coffee Storage Container - Black - With Patented Plunger

Exhale Airscape Black


As with the beautiful white Airscapes listed above, these have a patented plunger system which is designed to keep your coffee fresher, healthier and tastier for longer. And boy do they work! 

An independent lab test showed that coffee left in its pouch for 6 weeks lost 12% of its healthy polyphenols whereas coffee left in an Airscape lost just 2%.

An awesome gift for any coffee lover with a super stylish kitchen.

➡️ Shop the Black Airscape ⬅️


Bonus) Buy a bundle of Exhale Healthy Coffee and save up to 25%!

Exhale Gift Guide - Starter Bundle

The perfect introduction to healthy coffee (if we do say so ourselves). You can buy a bundle of any of our coffees and save up to 25% on subscription or 16% as a one time order. 

It’s the first coffee in the UK to be sourced and roasted to support your health and performance, so is ideal for anyone conscious about their wellbeing or looking to fuel an adventure.

It’s mycotoxin free, independently lab tested, speciality grade, fully traceable and 100% Arabica. Oh and did we mention it’s incredibly good for you too?

➡️ Shop Exhale Coffee Bundle⬅️

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Hi, can the ground coffee be used in a hob pot? Would it be the same quantities as for a cafetier?

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