Choose your coffee bundle

It's our mission to make healthy, sustainable coffee available to all. The more you buy, the more we save. We offer generous multi-buy discounts of up to 25% so we can pass those savings back to you!

All available for subscription or one-time order.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Save an extra £10 off your first order in any new subscription. Apply code BUNDLEBONUS at checkout.

One bag

Save 10% if you subscribe
  • From £4 per 100g
  • 450g ≈ 30 cups

Two bags

Save up to 16%
  • From £3.73 per 100g
  • 2x 450g ≈ 60 cups

Three bags

Save up to 21%
  • From £3.51 per 100g
  • 3x 450g ≈ 90 cups

Four bags

Save up to 25%
  • From £3.33 per 100g
  • 4x 450g ≈ 120 cups