Timemore Manual Grinder Black - C3 Pro

Sale price£89.00 GBP

Beautiful clean designed manual coffee grinder from Timemore. High quality at an affordable price point. This hand grinder is perfect for any morning coffee ritual. 

36 grind settings gives you a consistent grind for optimal extraction from your beans, whatever your brewing method. 

We love it because it's:

  1. Affordable - High quality at a very affordable price 
  2. Better for you - Yep, coffee slowly starts to oxidise as soon as its been roasted and even more so if its ground. Grinding fresh for each cup is the healthiest option! 
  3. Consistent - Using conical burrs gently grind coffee beans into evenly sized particles. 

Product information:

Colour: Gunmetal Grey
Material: Aluminium alloy, stainless steel, and PC
Blade material: CNC stainless steel burrs
Capacity: approx 20g coffee beans
Dimensions: 147mm x 50mm with 160mm handle
Weight: approx. 450g

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