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It’s time to ditch the paper filters

It’s time to ditch the paper filters

Environmentally-friendly, bleach-free, and better for you. Pretty compelling reasons to make the switch to a steel coffee filter.

When it comes to healthy coffee, you’re already in the right place for the most ridiculously healthy coffee around. But, did you know that healthy coffee can be made even healthier by brewing it in the right way?

By simply switching to making your coffee using a steel filter, not only is it better for you (we’ll get into how later), it’s also better for the environment, and cheaper in the long run. Seems like a win, win, really.

Steel coffee filters are reusable

Paper coffee filters, in general, are not reusable. (There is the potential to rinse and reuse them a couple of times before they disintegrate... but how many of us actually do that?) And don't even get us started on the horrendous environmental impact of pods!

So, not only does this mean they’ll most likely end up in landfill every time you make a cup of coffee, you’re also running the risk of running out.

The production of paper coffee filters also contributes to deforestation. And even if you go for filters made from bamboo that grows much faster—if you don’t need to chop a tree down, why would you?

With a steel filter, you simply brew your coffee, compost or reuse your coffee grounds, rinse, and repeat.

Steel coffee filters are bleach free

Paper filters do decompose (very slowly), but the white paper coffee filters most commonly used leach chemicals into the ground as they do. Yuck. The chlorine used to make the filters white stays in the paper, meaning it is transferred into the environment. It also means some of that delicious (not) bleach might end up contaminating your coffee too and give it a bit of funky taste.

Some filters are bleached using oxygen, which is less harmful to the environment but still results in waste products as a result of the chemical process.

Of course, you could buy bleach free filters. But you’ve still got to rebuy them every 50 cups or so. Save yourself the faff with a steel filter. One buy, endless uses.

Steel coffee filters are better for you

Ok, ok, don’t roll your eyes. Steel filters really are better for your health. Obviously not if you eat them, that would be silly. But, during the filtering process, steel filters allow all the good stuff in coffee to remain in your final cup, whereas with paper filters, it all gets stuck in the filter and you chuck it away.

Two of the most nutritious compounds in coffee, cafestol and kahweol are fat soluble. So, they are transported in the oils that are released from the coffee beans when they’re ground. Paper filters are so dense that none of the oils or the cafestol or kahweol can get through. Whereas steel filters, well they’re the perfect size to let all that goodness through for you to enjoy.

3 ways to brew a healthier coffee

Zero Waste

Steel Reusable Coffee Filter by Zero Waste Club

This reusable coffee filter produces a smooth brew that lets more coffee oils through, resulting in a silky mouthfeel and medium-bodied brew... And of course, using a reusable steel filter means you also get all the healthy stuff in your cup, and are reducing waste to boot. 

Shop the Zero Waste Club dripper now.

Cafetiere Brew Healthy Coffee


We love these as pretty much everyone has used one, even your nan. They’re super easy to use, and have a special place in our hearts as we did our antioxidant lab tests on coffee brewed in a cafetiere and yeah, you could say we’re pretty proud of those healthy results. Plus, they have a steel filter built right in to let all those good healthy compounds through. 

Shop Cafetieres now - 

Bodum Chambord - top of the range, classic French design.


Aeropress brew healthy coffee


This virtually indestructible little brewer is a favourite for us for its portability. It’s small, and perfect to take with you camping or to chuck in a backpack. It also brews a mean cup of coffee somewhere between and espresso and a cafetiere flavour. You steep it for up to a minute (as you would in a cafetiere) and then extract under pressure as you plunge it (like an espresso machine, but way less pressure unless you're Arnie). Bundle it with a steel filter to let all those wonderfully healthy compounds through!

Shop AeroPress now.

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Jane Stirzaker

Jane Stirzaker

I love my aeropress as I travel a lot…and always take Exhale coffee beans with me…just perfect 🙏

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