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Free Trial of Exhale Healthy Coffee

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👀 Please only take one if you're genuinely interested in trying healthy coffee because it's grown on organic, independent farms in Colombia and Mexico so is of limited supply. 🙏

The healthiest healthy swap

The best healthy swaps are the ones that are the most sustainable long term.

Simply switching your coffee to Exhale can have a tangible impact on your long term health and is one of the simplest and healthiest swaps you can make!

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Benefits of daily use


High polyphenol levels reduce caffeine anxiousness.

Stress support

Antioxidant powerhouse, 1 cup = 55 oranges!

Gut health

Polyphenols and fibre feed your friendly gut microbes.

Brain health

2 cups naturally contain 20% RDA of niacin needed by your brain.


Caffeine and polyphenols improve mental and physical performance.

Longevity support

Through protection against DNA damage.

Why Dr Rupy drinks Exhale

Free from nasties

Soil Association Organic and independently lab tested.

Mycotoxin free

Pesticide free

Mould free

Heavy metal free

Taste to live for

Grown with love at high altitudes on the volcanic soils of speciality grade coffee plantations. Then fresh roasted in small batches weekly in London.

Founded by Al, a speciality coffee geek (READ: bore) on a mission to find the healthiest, most sustainable coffee on the planet... that tasted so delicious he could drink it every single day for the rest of his life.

He thinks he found it. Try it and judge for yourself!

Organic House Roast
Organic House Roast Sale price£20.00 GBP
Organic Dark(ish) Roast
Organic Dark(ish) Roast Sale price£20.00 GBP
Organic Decaf
Organic Decaf Sale price£21.50 GBP
Organic House Roast
Organic Dark(ish) Roast
Organic Decaf
Tasting notes

Well balanced with a creamy body. Notes of orange marmalade, vanilla and lemon sherbet

Dark chocolate, roasted hazelnut and honeydew melon with a lingering maple syrup aftertaste and delicious Mars bar aroma

Buttery toffee popcorn, pecan and notes of green apple

Perfect for

With a jammy, citrus flavour, our House Roast is a party in a cup! Perfect if you prefer filter coffee, or drink it black.

Perfect if you prefer a stronger tasting coffee with a more chocolatey body. Works well in espresso, any coffee with milk, or Bulletproof coffee (aka Butter Coffee or Keto Coffee)

For those avoiding caffeine. Or for the true health optimisers who want to add an extra dose of antioxidants and polyphenols into their afternoons!

Move over blueberries

We sent a bag of our coffee and a cafetiere to Knight Scientific Lab to test it's antioxidant power. The results blew our minds! (published here)

1 single brewed cup of Exhale Healthy Coffee has the same antioxidants as:







Sweet FAQs

If you have a question not answered, however big or small, please drop Laura an email on hey@exhalecoffee.com and she'll be happy to help!