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our approach

We’re committed to having positive impact on the environment. And we’re constantly learning what that means for the way we do business.

Our approach is based on the principle of circularity – moving away from a linear make / use / dispose model and embracing the r-words:

Reduce: using less stuff wherever we can.

Reuse: giving things second lives rather than throwing them away.

Recycle: recycling where we can’t reuse, and encouraging our customers to do the same.

Refill: finding ways to reduce packaging and waste by offering refillable options.

Renew: utilising resources and materials from renewable, sustainable sources where possible.

plastic free packaging

We currently use an industrially compostable pouch made from kraft paper and polylactic acid (PLA) – a plant-based renewable material – posted in a mailer made from 100% recycled and recyclable FSC certified paper.

And we’re in the process of taking things a step further. We’re working to offer our customers a plastic free pouch made from FSC certified waterproofed paper, which is fully recyclable AND compostable. This will be used alongside our exhale storage tins (free to all subscribers) to reduce packaging waste even further.

minimise waste

We think waste should be a dirty word. We’re moving towards a paper-based recyclable plastic-free pouch and refillable tin system.

Once our roastery is up and running, we’ll be donating our coffee grounds to a local nature reserve, minimising emissions with an energy efficiency electrostatic precipitator (ESP) filter and working to become zero waste where possible.

renewable, sustainable sources

We're searching tirelessly to make sure all our packaging is from renewable resources. Using FSC certified paper, from well-managed forests that preserve biodiversity and benefit the lives of local people. 

We’re committed to minimising our carbon footprint by sourcing 100% renewable electricity once we open our premises, and using energy as efficiently as we can (and until then we’re already doing it in our lockdown home office!).

renewable sustainable resource loop showing everything is linked

organic farmed

We only source from organic certified farms or those using organic principles. Organic principles include avoiding the use of chemicals, which as well as being better for the environment is also a good thing for the quality and health benefits of our coffee.

Organic certification offers reassurance that a farm isn’t using harmful chemicals on their coffee crops, but not all farms can afford to pay for the certification process. So for any non-certified farms we source from, we’ll test the beans at independent labs to make sure they’re free from pesticides and toxins.

illustration showing organic farming practices

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