Timemore Manual Grinder Black - C2

Sale price£65.00

Beautiful clean designed manual coffee grinder from Timemore. High quality at an affordable price point. This hand grinder is perfect for any morning coffee ritual. 

36 grind settings gives you a consistent grind for optimal extraction from your beans, whatever your brewing method. 

We love it because it's:

  1. Affordable - High quality at a very affordable price 
  2. Better for you - Yep, coffee slowly starts to oxidise as soon as its been roasted and even more so if its ground. Grinding fresh for each cup is the healthiest option! 
  3. Consistent - Using conical burrs gently grind coffee beans into evenly sized particles. 

Product information:

Colour: Gunmetal Grey
Material: aluminium casing with PCTG durable plastic inside
Blade material: CNC stainless steel burrs
Capacity: approx 25g coffee beans
Dimensions: 147mm x 50mm with 160mm handle
Weight: approx. 450g

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