We're a 'Pending B-Corp', so we take this stuff seriously, very seriously


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our approach

We’re committed to having a positive impact on people and communities.  This includes all those we come into contact with – overseas in our supply chain, and at home in London and the UK.

Coffee is all about people – from the farmers who harvest the beans, to the customers who drink it, and the communities surrounding our suppliers and our own operations. We think our customers should know exactly what they’re drinking. That includes knowing where our coffee comes from and how we buy it.

achieve B Corp certification

We're working to have 'Pending B Corp' status for our full launch which will set the future aspirations of the company covering all aspects of our social and environmental footprints.

Full assessment comes after 1 year of trading and we're committed to achieving that by the end of 2021.  

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beyond fair trade

We aim to source coffees that elevate and sustain the people who supply them, so we only buy coffee that exceeds the credentials of fair trade models. This means we can be confident the people in our supply chain are receiving a fair price and experience decent working conditions.

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traceable and transparent

Knowing our supply chain is an essential part of ensuring the people within it are experiencing decent working conditions and fair pay. We only buy coffee fully traceable back to the farm and even the named farmer who grew it!

We support transparency in the economics of coffee producing. And we’re looking at how we can go further to contribute to a system based on the actual payments made to coffee producers.

person in hat looking into the future of a coffee plantation

sustainable coffee futures

We’re committed to contributing what we can to finding solutions that enable a thriving future for the coffee industry – one that genuinely supports the wellbeing of people and the planet.

That’s why we have chosen to support World Coffee Research – a non-profit collaborative research and development program that aims to grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.

green shoots growing representing a sustainable future

people at home

Once we launch our paper coffee pouch we have exciting plans to use it as a blank canvas to showcase the work of independent artists. We’re partnering with local artist, The Line Girl, to develop the first of these collaborations. Watch this space for more detail…

We're also looking forward to opening our own premises when we’ll start to employ people and become a fixture in our local community. We’re thinking about what this means for our customers, our employees, and those who live and work near our roastery.

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