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  • How do I earn points?

    Here at Exhale we want to reward our customers when they do and achieve amazing things.

    Join the Exhale Collective and you can earn points which turn into credit on your account.

    1. First of all we’ll give you 150 points just for joining to get you started! (if you have an account already this will be auto-applied)

    2. Share your birthday with us and we’ll send you a treat of 150 points to help you celebrate 🥳🥳🥳

    3. Refer a friend and they get 50% off their first bag in a subscription of our healthy coffee and you earn £10 (1,000 points) in return!

    4. We love hearing how our coffee has fuelled your wildest adventures. Share the details of an event/race with a picture of you and your finishers medal and we’ll help you on your way to the next coffee fix! 250 points. (Don't worry, we won't reshare it unless you give us permission to).

    5. We’re committed to having a positive impact on our planet and we love the work Trash Free Trails are doing. We're partners in their Purposeful Adventures campaign.

    Have an adventure (an epic one or simply a mini-one), collect a bag of trash and share a picture with us. We’ll reward you with 250 points for it. Read more here.

    👉 For a cheeky bonus of 300 points we’d love you to fill in our survey. All decisions made at Exhale have you at their heart and this is your chance to have your say.

  • How do I use my points?

    100 points are the equivalent of £1 so...

    ☀️ 500 points = £5 off

    ☀️ 900 points = £9 off

    ☀️ 1000 points = £10 off

    ☀️ 1500 points = £15 off

    ☀️ 2000 points = £20 off

    Let your points build up or use them more regularly.

    When you earn enough points for a reward, you'll see a ‘Redeem’ button next to the relevant reward.

    Click this and it will generate a code for you to apply to your subscription (for this choose the coupon for 900 points so not to lose any) or add to your cart if you’re placing a one off order.

    We’ll email it to you too 😊

    Your codes will be stored in the 'Your Rewards’ section to use at a later date if you need.

    Points expire after 6 months so you have plenty of time.

  • How do I refer a friend to earn £10?

    You’ll find your sharing URL link in the refer a friend section on the pop up.

    Share this link on social media or via email and this will prompt your friend to input their email address.

    They will then be sent a unique code via email. This offers them 50% off their first bag in a subscription and you’ll be rewarded your points!

    Note that as long as they use your link you will be credited with the referral, even if they use a different offer or discount code.

  • How do I submit a race finishers pic?

    Finished an epic event or race? Pop me an email on with a picture and details of the event and I’ll get those points added on manually for you!

    Limited to one per person per month.

  • How do I get Trash Free Trails points?

    Go here and click ‘Quick report’. Fill in the short form with details of your clean up and send a screen shot with a picture of yourself and your trash to and we’ll get your points added. Easy!

    If you want to help spread the word and share it on social media that would be aswesome too. Remeber to tag #PurposefulAdventures and #LeaveAPositiveTrace as well as tagging us somewhere and we'll reshare it.

    Limited to one per person per month.

  • What's a Purposeful Adventure?

    We're incredibly proud to be partnered with Trash Free Trails for their Purposeful Adventure campaign.  

    We invite you to head out on your own Purposeful Adventures to undertake hands on action to
    leave a positive trace in the places that nurture and enrich our lives.

    We’ll be heading out ourselves picking up trash from riverbanks, parks, forests and trails and taking a little extra time to fully immerse ourselves in the natural world. 

    Whether you do a hike, camping trip or simply a stroll along your local canal, give it some purpose. Even if it's just to take time out of your day to chat with other people on the trails.

    The campaign is a response to ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ - a term developed to describe the effects of disconnection from nature.

    Trash Free Trails believe that this ‘disconnection’ may be one of the key drivers of environmentally damaging behaviour and mental health

    At Exhale we're all about reconnecting with nature while leading a more active, outdoors and healthy lifestyle, so this was the perfect cause to support. 

    Note that to earn the points we have set the tangible task of collecting a bag of trash which is one of Trash Free TRails other campaigns - The One Bag Chellenge.

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