The Doctor's Kitchen App - 1 Month Subscription

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Beautifully presented, personalised recipes by Dr Rupy.

We love them because they're easy to follow, the photography's stunning and most importantly they taste incredible!
Find recipes that match your health goals -

"Our recipes support key areas of your health, and will change the way you think about food."

Heart Health

Recipes that align with Mediterranean diet principles to reduce inflammation and increase specific micronutrients that support a healthy heart.

Brain Health

Tasty recipes that contain specific fats, spices, herbs and align with modified Mediterranean diet patterns that may improve brain health and cognition.

Skin Health

Colourful, delicious recipes designed to nurture your gut microbes and increase the consumption of phytonutrients to support healthy glowing skin.

Mental Health

Flavourful recipes formulated to increase the consumption of fibre, specific fatty acids and plants that may support mood and mental wellbeing.


Inflammation Balance

Delicious recipes designed with specific ingredients using the “Dietary Inflammatory Index” that may reduce inflammation.


General Wellbeing

Nutrient dense recipes, high in antioxidants, packed with colour and diversity to promote gut health, inflammation balance and a healthy mind.


Personalised and in your pocket

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