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exhale colleagues on mountain bikes looking over a cliff in coffee country

our founder

Alex - the one in the middle!

Ironman, marathon swimmer, ultrarunner, Thai boxer, surfer and lifelong backpacker; riddled with health issues; on a mission to see how much one broken, sleep deprived dad can achieve through living a healthier lifestyle.

exhale coffee was born out of obsession. My three obsessions for coffee, for health and for fitness, and my passion for helping others by combining all three.

image of Al our founder with his kids goofing around on an insta background

our team

Kirsty Miller

As a co-founder Kirsty has been here since the start and is passionate about health and coffee. Kirsty makes sure that, while the rest of the team focus on health, taste, people and the planet – someone is thinking about you... the customer! Although, full disclosure, she is the yin to Alex’s fitness yang and will never be seen up at 5am doing hill sprints.

image of Kirsty Miller a co-founder at exhale on a paddle board

Ed Low

This is Ed, one of our Co-Founders. He has a strange sense of what is 'fun'. He also loves being fit, creating a company that has such a positive impact on people and the planet, and of course, coffee!!. He drinks his milky. Through his mouth.
As well as working with the team to provide unbelievable-tasting coffee that is the healthiest it can possibly be, he also makes sure we are sharing our best experiences with the people that matter the most (you!).

picture of Ed Low a co-founder at exhale winning his Guinness world record

Laura Schofield

Co-Chief (can you have a Co-Chief?!) Social Communications Officer Laura helps steer exhale’s Instagram. Laura loves, more than life itself, spreadsheets. Since lockdown she has developed an obsession with HIIT & Bodypump workouts, much to the joy of her downstairs neighbours. She also enjoys white wine. But mainly spreadsheets.

picture of Laura Schofield reading on a train

Tom Wainwright

Being the youngest in the team, Tom brings style, coolness, and street cred to exhale, keeping the company fresh and down with the kids. He self appointed himself Chief Social Communications Officer, but in reality helps out on Instagram, misses deadlines, and gets signed up for races by Alex that are beyond his fitness level.

picture of Tom Wainwright on a beach

Helen Fisher

As our Sustainability Advisor, Helen helps us to think about our impact on the world. When she's not mulling the future of humanity or getting excited about supply chains, she can be found writing a song at the piano or watching David Attenborough's back catalogue. And always with a cup of coffee in hand, or a cocktail if it's past 5pm...

picture of Helen Fisher sustainability expert exhale coffee

Alex Manos

Alex is our chief wellness officer. This means not only does he support the team to stay fit and healthy so they can serve the world to the best of their ability, but he also brings the science (check out our blog)!

Alex is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner, with a MSc in personalised nutrition, and various qualifications in personal training and performance enhancement. These days Alex is slightly obsessed with breathwork and the psychedelic renaissance. A life long learner!

Picture of Alex Manos chief wellness officer for exhale coffee

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