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The why and how of Exhale

The why and how of Exhale

Life, it’s simple.

But as humans we do a pretty good job of overcomplicating things.

It’s always more. And it’s always more complex.

Somewhere along the way our normal changed and we all got sold a story that if a product or service is super commercialised it’s got to be better. Especially when it comes to health and fitness.

These snazzy, well marketed companies must know something we don’t. They must have the degrees and research papers to back up their magical elixirs or heal-all diets that keep us 'living our best life'.



Truth is, it’s pretty much the complete opposite.

Exhale founder - Al
Personally, I've been on a 7 year health journey to tame my own auto-immunity and over that time I've fallen for it all. It cost me a small fortune. But even worse, I became riddled with food anxieties, scared that 90% of what I ate might make my symptoms worse. It's a sad place to be in. It crushes you. Caused in part, by a shift to wellness-for-profit.

The health and fitness industry has overcomplicated wellness, commercialised it, and turned it into an exclusive club. 

But wellness is for everyone. Nature is for everyone. And we all have it in us to achieve anything we want when we look after our wellness, in a way that's guided by nature.

There's so much noise and mis-information. Whoever has the biggest marketing budgets or the most followers are those most likely to be listened to. Cookie-cutter approaches to wellness that usually cost the earth, in both senses of the phrase, are forced upon us. But we're all so so unique, and the best ways to live a truly healthy and happy life don't cost a penny.

So what do we stand for? It's pretty simple,

Exhale exists to help reconnect people with their natural potential through a more natural way of wellness

Exhale Healthy Coffee - Believe in yourself

But where does coffee fit into all of this?

Well, coffee is both the fuel that ignites your potential, and can be a natural way to support your health in a meaningful way... if it's shown the love and care it deserves. 

However, there's a trend in the health and fitness industry to take a low quality version of what should be a naturally healthy food, then process it so heavily that it loses any of that original goodness. Then the latest fad superfood is added, it’s badged as healthy again and whacked into some shiny packaging before the price tag gets a sizable hike.

At Exhale we believe just as you are enough, one simple ingredient is enough. The healthiest and most sustainable way is to put in the effort to work with what's naturally in the everyday ingredients that are all around us.

Our ingredient is coffee and we’ve taken our cue from nature to get it right. After all, nature’s done a pretty awesome job of getting things spot on for millions of years before us so why mess with the flow?

Exhale Coffee comes from fruit
Put simply, all coffee comes from a fruit, which grows on a tree. In its original state it’s packed with natural, fruity goodness. Our unique sourcing and roasting process has been crafted to a tee so we lock in as much of that as possible.

This means that as well as having caffeine to turn you into an instant superhero, it’s packed with natural antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin B3 to support your health, brain and longevity.

No overcomplication. No added nothingness. No PhD needed to understand what on earth you're putting in your body.

Exhale Healthy Coffee - Coffee outdoorsYes it’s coffee and yes it tastes damn good, but more than that it’s an uncomplicated, natural approach to wellness. A way to unlock your physical and mental potential quickly and simply while others are busy asking for your ID at that exclusive health club (metaphorically speaking of course).

We’re for the passionate, the ambitious and the have-a-goers.

The ones who need a boost before their 6am run. Or who look for a little kickstart to get the kids to the school gates on time. Or those who feel happiest with a bike or board in hand.

Exhale Coffee Community
It’s the spirit of these kinds of people that spurred us on in our urge to return to nature. And along the way we’ve been lucky to build a community of like-minded and supportive coffee obsessives, who each have their own wild adventures and goals brewing.

All done without fads, jargon or judgement.

Exhale Coffee Sustainability Commitments

Finally, we also believe that we can't be truly healthy if the planet isn't also healthy. So our impact on the planet is something we’re conscious of every single step of the way. To benefit from nature we need to be doing our very best to look after it.

Long story short, instead of overcomplicating and commercialising, we’re keeping things simple.

We want to inspire the world to lead active, healthy and outdoors lifestyles, guided by nature. And to have the confidence to believe that if you do, you can achieve anything.

Your wellness is a journey and we’re here for the ride.

Exhale founder Al

P.S. to try a natural performance booster that’s naturally delicious, shop Exhale Coffee here.


Ghislaine Headland-Vanni

Ghislaine Headland-Vanni

Thank you gor taking the time to do 1 thing really really well. I love your coffee and I do like to pimp my morning coffee up, which is my choice.
I add therapeutic doses of high quality functional mushrooms so nothing is compromised

Keep on being great guys



Hello Al,

Love your story and can relate to it in many ways. After a 20 years corporate career, I myself was riddled with flareups and chronic issues. Only to recognize the dead end and find my way back to normality. I now want to promote and sell all the elemental products which can heal us from within. Brands with a purpose.

Would love to talk to you and know your story and rave about it and hopefully partner with you to sell your products on my website.

please get back to me via my email.





Hi, Alex
thanks for the email and information. Yes, strange to hear that coffee is healthy. I am distributor naturar bio-produkts of Coral Club. Really good products. In our companies are many doctors, and when we have some Zooms sometimes they told don’t drink coffee, but Every morning I have a coffee cup.
I did not yet try your coffee, I just this evening received it, but tomorrow will try it.
I agree with what you told about commercial offers. I am in search of good coffee.

Kind regards

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