Exhale Coffee Scoop - 2Tbsp - Stainless Steel

Sale price£10.00 GBP

We have a scoop! 

For years now Alex has been wanting to get scoops in but we just weren't able to find the perfect one. Anything that was marginally affordable was either plastic or the wrong size. 

Finally we can stop hearing Alex's rants at Exhale HQ of "We need to help people get the right ratio!!"

These solid, weighty, precision engineered, stainless steel coffee scoops will have you measuring the perfect coffee every time - one level scoop is the perfect amount for a small cafetiere, dripper or AeroPress. 

The scoop has an impeccable balance, thanks to its ergonomically designed handle that seamlessly fits your grasp and fits perfectly into an Airscape coffee storage container.

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