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"One of the healthiest coffees out there... Exhale coffee is what I drink myself."

- Dr Rangan Chatterjee

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How coffee can benefit brain health

Coffee's broad-ranging beneficial effects on your brain have been researched for decades.

Exhale coffee is crafted for high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory polyphenols which most studies cite as causing these benefits.

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Long Term Benefits

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Reduced risk of memory decline, Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as mood-based disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Short Term Benefits

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Improved performance on memory tasks, mood, concentration, vigilance and reaction time.

What makes Exhale unique?

Our uncompromising focus on sourcing, roasting and lab testing our coffee for health, taste and sustainability.

For your health

Most coffees are over roasted or badly handled losing up to 90% of their healthiest compounds and potentially introducing some nasty ones.

Our unique process locks in more of coffee's natural goodness and keeps out the bad.

  1. 9x independently lab tested
  2. 1 cup = 12 punnets of blueberries in antioxidants!
  3. Optimiesd for anti-inflammatory polyphenols
  4. Expert team including Dr Rupy
  5. Mycotoxin & pesticide free
  6. 2 cups = 20% of your RDA of vitamin B3
  7. Mountain Water Processed Decaf 
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For sensational taste

Your first cup of coffee of the day is without doubt one of life's greatest pleasures!

Which is why we had to find a coffee that tasted so good we could drink it everyday for the rest of our lives!

  1. Speciality Grade
  2. Scored 85/100 on the SCA scale
  3. Roasted fresh weekly
  4. Small batch roasted in Brixton
  5. Colombian 100% Arabica
  6. Single Origin for traceability
  7. Weekly cupping to QC
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For the planet's health

At Exhale, we believe that a healthy you can't exist without a healthy planet.

Since day one, our impact on the planet has been equally prioritised at every stage of our process and throughout our entire supply chain.

  1. B Corp certified
  2. Plastic free, compostable packaging
  3. Packaged in renewable, plant-based materials
  4. Minimal packaging used - double sized bags
  5. Fair Trade Certified
  6. 1% for the Planet members
  7. Support coral reef restoration via Counting Coral
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We recommend

Based on our review of all available science.

For optimal health drink daily:

  • 2 cups of Exhale caffeinated coffee before lunch.
  • 1 cup of Exhale decaf in the afternoon.

This is to maximise the consumption of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, while minimising the impact on your sleep.

Those avoiding caffeine can swap caffeinated coffees for Exhale decaf or try mixing the two for a half-caf with half the caffeine.

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Benefits of daily use


High polyphenol levels reduce caffeine anxiousness.

Stress support

Antioxidant powerhouse, 1 cup = 55 oranges!

Gut health

Polyphenols and fibre feed your friendly gut microbes.

Brain health

2 cups naturally contain 20% RDA of niacin needed by your brain.


Caffeine and polyphenols improve mental and physical performance.

Longevity support

Through protection against DNA damage.

Our team of leading health experts

The Exhale team includes the leading voices across both traditional medicine and functional medicine.

The coffee of choice for health professionals around the globe.

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Dr Rupy Aujla

Non-Executive Director at Exhale.

As founder of The Doctor's Kitchen and a 'food as medicine' advocate, Dr Rupy, is the perfect person to ensure the highest standards are upheld throughout our unique process.

Alex Manos IFMCP

Chief Wellness Officer at Exhale

Alex is a Functional Medicine certified practitioner with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition. As our resident science and wellness expert, Alex makes sure your health is our primary concern.

Contaminant free

Soil Association Organic and independently lab tested.

Mycotoxin free

Pesticide free

Mould free

Heavy metal free

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