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How does Exhale compare to standard coffees?


Exhale Healthy Coffee

Standard Coffee

Optimised for health

Roasted to retain gut friendly polyphenols

Over roasted losing up to 90% of polyphenols

Mycotoxins and mould

Independently tested free from

Untested - risk of contamination


1 cup = 1.8kg of blueberries in antioxidants. Lab tested.

Unknown antioxidant power

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Our leading team of health experts

The Exhale team includes the leading voices across both traditional medicine and functional medicine.

The coffee of choice for health professionals around the globe.

Dr Rupy Aujla

Non-Executive Director at Exhale.

As founder of The Doctor's Kitchen and a 'food as medicine' advocate, Dr Rupy, is the perfect person to ensure the highest standards are upheld throughout our unique process.

Alex Manos IFMCP

Chief Wellness Officer at Exhale

Alex is a Functional Medicine certified practitioner with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition. As our resident science and wellness expert, Alex makes sure your health is our primary concern.

Benefits of daily use


High polyphenol levels reduce caffeine anxiousness.

Stress support

Antioxidant powerhouse, 1 cup = 55 oranges!

Gut health

Polyphenols and fibre feed your friendly gut microbes.

Brain health

2 cups naturally contain 20% RDA of niacin needed by your brain.


Caffeine and polyphenols improve mental and physical performance.

Longevity support

Through protection against DNA damage.

Contaminant free

Soil Association Organic and independently lab tested.

Mycotoxin free

Pesticide free

Mould free

Heavy metal free

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