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Health and lifestyle coaches for women

Health and lifestyle coaches for women


Top tips from 4 women-only coaches 

Kirsty Miller / March 22

Finding the right coach can be life-changing. Here’s four women coaching women on parenthood, hormone balance, business and fitness (we tried to be balanced here and cover all stages! Lots of other coaches that we love are out there - just check out our insta for inspiration @yourexhale).

Here we’re shining a light on four brilliant coaches for women. From parenthood, to hormone balance, wellness, sales and business, and fitness—these empowering female coaches have got you covered.

Tamsin – The Parenthood Coach


Tamsin is a transformational life and mindset coach for mums who feel their passion, purpose and potential have been stifled by the intensity of motherhood. Through holistic 1:1 and group coaching she empowers women to untangle their busy minds, reignite their spark and unearth their buried ambitions so they have the confidence, clarity and resilience to rule their lives while raising kids, unapologetically on their own terms.

Why do you work with women?

I’m passionate about working with women, and mums in particular, because I see way too many women held back by motherhood. I want to empower them to free themselves from the societal conditioning and self-limiting beliefs weighing them down. And help women realise that becoming a mum can be a huge enabler rather than needing to settle for less.

What’s your top tip?

Build a strong relationship with your intuition! The more you flex that muscle and listen to your gut the more aligned and fulfilled you’ll start to feel, because you’ll be doing life YOUR way.



Lauren – London Wellness Coach


Lauren Johnson Reynolds is a registered Nutritional Therapist, Homeopath and health coach with a special passion for PCOS, women’s health and mental health support. After years of working as a backing singer, Lauren turned to natural medicine to manage debilitating PCOS symptoms and heal ailments caused by a busy lifestyle on the road. Soon she was acne, eczema and IBS free and inspired to train in holistic healing.

Lauren believes in our individuality as humans and ensures that every client leaves with a completely bespoke treatment plan and the effective tools they need for long term healing, believing that with knowledge comes the power to heal.

Why do you work with women?

After being told at 14 that due to my PCOS I probably would never conceive naturally, I felt lost and quite honestly distraught at the burden of the diagnosis. I carried this with me and the fear of infertility was all encompassing until I took matters into my own hands and took action to heal myself.  After a whole lifestyle overhaul, I began ovulating, fell pregnant and sit snuggling my 8-week-old as I write this. This is why I work with women! Too often we’re given a diagnosis with no real idea of it’s true long-term implication, let alone methods of healing—and this is assuming we’ve been taken seriously enough to be diagnosed in the first place.

I wanted to create a space that put women’s well-being at its centre, a space to feel listened to and empowered and that allowed women to come away with tangible, practical methods to bring their hormones back into balance.  Since opening my clinic, I’ve seen incredible results (with a few babies on the way!) and I can honestly say it’s been an honour to serve so many incredible women.

What’s your top tip?
Remember your power! It’s not all about genetics, lifestyle has a huge factor to play in our susceptibility to illness meaning we can make changes at any time that will have a huge impact on our quality of life. Start with something small like walking more or getting to bed earlier and build upon that, focusing on consistency. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your well-being!



Kate - Your Future Fit


Kate has always had a passion for fitness and training. But, she only turned into a career at the age of 50 with a clear vision of wanting to help peri and post-menopausal women who were going through similar challenges to her.

As a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Kate focuses on encouraging women to start with small habit changes to their exercise, gradually building up consistency that is sustainable for their future. She specialises in resistance training with a particular focus on technique; ensuring every precious moment is well used and potential injuries avoided. Kate teaches that the right kind of training will do more than just help you “get through” the challenges that come with menopause but can be empowering and totally change your outlook on life. 

Why do you work with women?

In lockdown, having just turned 50 I decided to leave my 25-year corporate career in HR behind and requalify as a Personal Trainer. I’d fallen out of love with HR and had found myself in the full throes of peri menopause. This made me press pause and really assess what I wanted from this next stage of my life. I knew I wanted to jump out of bed in the morning, be excited about learning again and get some joy back into daily life. I felt ready to turn my passion into a career and knew that I wanted to work with peri and post-menopausal women, understanding only too well the difficulties that this stage of life brings up, not just physically but emotionally too. 

What’s your top tip?

If you’re thinking of making a big change, think what’s the worst that can happen? What learnings can you take from that? And then ask yourself: What’s the best thing that can happen? 


Sara – Sales with Sara


Sara has almost 20 years of sales experience spanning the corporate small business community, and now shares that knowledge with small business owners.

As a business mentor and strategist, she is passionate about helping women learn the sales skills they need to grow and scale their businesses—without selling their souls. Through her work she helps her clients grow successful businesses, become financially independent and hopes to one day soon live in a world where the gender pay gap is closed once and for all.

Why do you work with women?

For me it's always been about levelling off the playing field for women in the workplace. A decade in the City working in a male-dominated investment bank gave me first-hand experience of unequal opportunities and the gender pay gap. Then I had children and the motherhood penalty presented itself to me in the form of inflexible working and high childcare costs. And I knew it wasn't just me: women up and down the country were all facing the same challenge of trying to meet the impossible expectations put upon them both domestically and professionally, which has been exacerbated further during the pandemic.

The surge in female entrepreneurship that's happening right now exists as an opportunity for women to package up their skills and sell them online in a way that works for them, without getting sick, burning out or trying to thrive in a working model that wasn't built for them. Not to mention the fact that up to £250bn could be added to the UK economy if women were starting and scaling businesses at the same rate as men! My goal is to equip new and established female entrepreneurs with the practical sales skills they need so that they can promote their businesses, market and grow their businesses from a solid foundation.

What’s your top tip?

If you’re a business owner, find the support you need for the exact stage you're at. There is a lot of noise online which can lead you to believe you "should" be doing things a certain way, but what's right for other people won't necessarily be right for you. Just because you work for yourself doesn't mean you have to do it all alone, so don't be afraid to ask for help where you need it. There has never been more support available, and wherever you're based, there's bound to be a hub of business owners in your local community, as well as some amazing online ones! Get in touch if you'd like me to recommend my favs :-)




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