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exhale coffee - antioxidant lab test report

exhale coffee - antioxidant lab test report


1 cup of exhale coffee = 12 punnets of blueberries, 55 oranges or 1.2kg of kale!!
(in terms of its antioxidant power that is...)
In September 2020 we hired an independent UK lab to test the antioxidant power of our coffee vs fruit & veg. We bought them a grinder and cafetiere and sent them our exact brewing instructions. We even paid them to pop out to their local supermarket on the morning and buy the fruit & veg fresh on the day to get a real comparison of a brewed cup of exhale coffee vs the kind of stuff you actually buy and eat everyday.

I'd read the research saying coffee can be one of the most prolific antioxidants in our diets but wasn't quite prepared for just how potent ours was...

1 cup of exhale coffee = 1.8kg of blueberries, 55 oranges or 1.2kg of kale! 🤯

The owners of the lab, and the inventors of the very test themselves, said they couldn't believe their eyes.

The below link is to the full report they issued to us. It's not designed to be peer reviewed, we didn't use a big enough sample size for that, but what it does do is paint a clear picture as to why we think exhale coffee should be part of your diets, today!



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