MEUS App - 3 Month Subscription

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The MEUS app is a membership platform that features lots of opportunities to move your body and mind, with over a million combinations of unique five-minute sessions built around our method of moving, connecting and reflecting.

5 Minutes

Broken up into 5 minute bitesize sessions.

Fully Guided

By Professional Trainers, or experts in their chosen fields.

The Power of Five

Try, test and Discover the right exercises for you.

Take Control

Engage in the sessions you enjoy and want to take further.


Built upon our MOVE, CONNECT and REFLECT concept, you can select fitness and wellbeing sessions from each category and build your very own MEUS practice, five-minutes at a time!

We believe that by encouraging you to move, connect and reflect daily, you can pave a better way of life for yourself.

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