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Try the UK's first coffee crafted for health and performance

We're super proud to collab with Alan to offer you a completely free trial of Exhale coffee!

Here's what Alan had to say:

"If you know me you know I love my coffee!"

"Up before sunrise in search of surf or running pro coaching camps, my morning coffee routine is a must.

That's why I'm super excited to be working with Exhale and add a new sticker to my board. Exhale coffee tastes and smells great (coffee lovers you know what I mean 👃🏻😄) but this coffee really stands out because of its health benefits."

Why choose Exhale?

❤️ We're proud to be B Corp, 100% plastic free and support coral reef restoration projects through 1% for the Planet

❤️ 1 Cup = 200mg caffeine (or we also have a bangin' decaf)

❤️ Optimised for polpyhenols which also boost performance and recovery.

❤️ 1 Cup = 12 punnets of blueberries or 55 oranges in antioxidants!

❤️ Organic and tested mycotoxin and pesticide free.

❤️ Speciality grade - hand roasted in Brixton.

"Basically, it's the healthiest, most sustainable coffee you're ever likely to have tried!"

Here's how it works:

You need to create a subscription but it's fully flexible and there's no minimum term.

If you don't feel the benefits you can cancel at the click of a button after your first free bag, no hard feelings. But secretly we hope you'll love it and stay with us forever!

Simply choose your coffee, grind size and frequency then add it to cart. At checkout use code STOKES and your first bag will be completely free of charge!!! (new customers only, decaf charged at 50p)

Need some help?

  • Is it just normal coffee?

    Yes and no.

    We don't add anything to Exhale coffee to make it so awesome. And it will taste as good (or better) than any other coffee you've tried.

    But through our unique process we've sourced a coffee that's natuirally higher in coffee's healthiest compounds.

    Then we roasted it to lock in more than any other.

    The whole process involved 9 different lab tests at independent labs across Europe! And was overseen by Dr Rupy, NHS medical doctor and founder of The Doctor's Kitchen.

  • Will Exhale improve my performance?

    Hell yeah!

    Caffeine is the world's only legal performance enhancing drug!

    In fact studies show it can help you preform on average 11-12% better!

    However, unlike other coffees, independent tests show Exhale coffee is high in polyphenols which studies have shown also improve both sprint and endurance performance.

    So in Exhale coffee the caffeine and polyphenols work synergistically to give you a double performance boost. Win win!!

  • Why should you trust us?

    Our Experts:

    Dr Rupy, NHS medical doctor and founder of the Doctor's Kitchen is our advisor and set's the bar pretty high in terms of the health claims!

    Alex Manos is a UK leading functional medicine practitioner with an MSc in Nutritional Therapy and is our in-house Chief Wellness Officer

    Our partners:


    The London Clinic of Nutrition.

    Centurion Ultrarunning.

    The Health Optimisation Summit.

    Our affiliates:

    Exhale coffee is recommended by over 100 health professionals to their clients (from nutritionists to personal trainers and beyond)

  • Will you like Exhale Coffee?

    If you're looking for simple swaps to optimise your health and performance, then yes!

    Or if you care about the health of the planet as much as your own health then that's another huuuge yes!!!

    But, if neither of the above describe you, then we're probably not the coffee for you.

  • Have another question?

    If you need help or have a question then drop us an email on and we'll be happy to help. Thanks!

Who are we?

Exhale was founded by Al and Kirsty, who fell in love with coffee after spending 4 months in Bali surfing, sleep-deprived over razor-sharp coral reef, while on maternity/paternity leave.

Al took a huge wipeout at Ulu's, bust his eye and got whiplash... surfing while sleep deprived wasn't working... until he discovered coffee! 🔥

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